Chip Zdarsky (chipzdarsky) wrote,
Chip Zdarsky

Extremely Bad Advice, Powerful Tea & Evan Dorkin

This guy was for another in a series of Superfoods (& drinks apparently) for the Post. I like my job very much.


This is all well and good and boring, but the big news is the event of this upcoming weekend!


I will be there with my dearest friend Ben Shannon and maybe even my other dearest friend, Kagan McLeod (baby sitter pending)!

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival comes but once every two years and is a lot of fun! I'll be there to meet n' greet and show off my measly, sickening wares. I'll be bringing lots of original art and hugs and will do many skecthes! Hot damn!

The truly exciting part of the weekend for me will be on Sunday afternoon, at one o'clock, as I get to moderate a spotlight panel on Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer! There will probably be laughs and learning, so if you like that combo then please come! The website lists Chris Butcher as moderator, but that's a filthy, uncorrected lie!

On top of all this, I did the following illustration for the Post for this upcoming weekend. It features my special ladyfriend as the model because she also rote the article! She's pretty cute, yeah? Damn right she is. I don't get with  the uncute (SORRY, UNCUTE). So pick it up and learn about Toronto spas! TREAT YOURSELF RIGHT.

Hooray for everything!



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